Portal del Montsant

Spanien - Catalunya

In 2003 we opened the Portal del Montsant winery, taking over the old Marcá wine cooperative, a building where wine had been made since the beginning of the last century. This increasingly popular Montsant winery stands out for its use of local grape varieties: Garnache and Cariñena. The wines -subtle, fragrant and complex – take their name from the founder of the Carthenian monastic order, Saint Bruno of Cologne.

Small parcels of land, high quality crus, and a variety of soils (clay rich, chalk and sand), of varying aspect and elevation, make for a selection of individual wines, rich in variety and personality. The majority are aged Cariñena, of limited production, from a total of 30 hectares. The average age of the vines is 60 years old, are goblet pruned and are planted densely, with more than 4500 vines per hectare.

The climate of the region (Masroig, El Molar, La Figuera, Mar-ça) is typically mediterranean, with the vineyards such as Cornudella to the north, and at an elevation of 700-800 meters, enjoying some characteristics of a continental climate.

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